Open Your Heart To Love

Open Your Heart To Love
by Jennifer Good

Open Your Heart To LoveHow often have you wished you had the ability to not worry about the result of something? The biggest fear in a relationship can often be the fear of rejection or the fear of a bad experience. Quite often you'll find people, maybe even yourself, who are so afraid of these things that they are not willing to experience the joy of a true relationship. This is quite understandable, especially if you've had a previous bad experience. The real problem comes when it's time for you to start enjoying something, and you're still held back by your fear. What do you do and how can you overcome this?

A good starting point is remembering this motto, "Nothing in life worth having, or keeping, is going to be effortless or painless." If you're going to be involved with someone, this can also include a friendship, you need to make a commitment to them that you're willing to give it your all. Although, the relationship could end in heartbreak, it is far better to know you gave and loved with everything, than to know deep down you held back your emotions.

If you find that opening yourself to love and/or relationships is difficult for you (or possibly a friend), try one of the following ideas and tips.

Don't Think, Just Do
Obviously, this doesn't mean to lose your better judgment... just the opposite. If you're the type of person that over-evaluates everything... stop. Allow yourself to "go with the flow" instead of worrying about what the outcome will be. Remember, there is valuable information in the saying, "Whatever will be, will be."

Allow Experiences
How many times have you declined to do something, or not pursued something (or someone) because you were worried about an unpleasant experience? Take the risk next time and allow yourself to experience things. You may find the risk was worth it!

Be Open And Honest
Many times you'll find someone who is worried about something, but has never even spoken with the other partner about it. It's very difficult to maintain a relationship if you don't let your partner know how you feel about something or any concerns you may have. Sharing your thoughts will not only help alleviate your fears, but it will also begin the start of a solid relationship.

Do Unto Others
If you're insecure about something, there's a high chance that it could quite possibly be caused by something similar you've done in the past. Keep pesky, guilty feelings at bay by following the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Not only will you feel better about yourself, you'll also find it easier to be open when you've got nothing to hide!

Remember, there is a certain amount of risk in everything you do. Allowing yourself the freedom to experience love, with all its uncertainties, is more valuable than any investment or money in the world.