Love Your Life

Love Your Life
by Jennifer Good

1. Adopt a pet together.

2. Volunteer for a cause you both believe in.

3. Learn a new hobby together.

4. Make a care basket for a friend.

5. Paint something together.

6. Visit old friends together.

7. Make something together like a dollhouse, a garden, a puzzle, a genealogy chart, etc.

8. Write a short romance story together. One person writes a page, then the other person makes changes to it, and then writes the next page and visa versa.

9. Make it a point to listen to your partner for an hour.

10. Go cloud watching together.

11. Surprise your love with a homemade gift.

12. Take a weekend retreat together.

13. Send anonymous flowers to your love.

14. Create a "couples" photo album together.

15. Cuddle on a park bench for an hour.

16. Have a picnic while watching airplanes land.

17. Participate in free local community event.

18. Create "your CD" together.

19. Reward each other with a date to "romance" the other person.